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Unlocking Positive Change: Expertise and Excellence in Behaviour Intervention

We offer client specific Specialist Behaviour Support services across Victoria.


INSIGHT stands as your dedicated provider of specialised Behaviour Support services, focusing on the distinctive needs of clients throughout Victoria. Our team of accomplished Behaviour Support Practitioners, possessing diverse clinical backgrounds and specialised training in behaviour analysis, excels in managing complex behaviours, particularly those with forensic implications.

We leverage a broad spectrum of professional expertise to meticulously craft individualised behaviour management plans. These plans not only address the unique requirements of clients and support teams but also navigate the complexities associated with forensic scenarios. Our unwavering commitment to excellence ensures strict compliance with NDIS legislative standards.
Our comprehensive suite of services encompasses:
  • Functional Behavioural Assessment
  • Interim and Comprehensive Behaviour Support Plans
  • NDIS Assessments and Quotes tailored for plan reviews and funding requirements
  • Development of Behavioural Support Plans, with a dedicated focus on managing complex behaviours, including forensic considerations
  • Training support teams in positive behavioural support techniques, specialising in both challenging and forensic situations.
At INSIGHT, we specialise in forensic support and complex care, placing the well-being of our clients and support teams at the forefront of our mission.
What is positive behaviour support?

Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) is the guiding framework at INSIGHT, specifically crafted to address challenging behaviours in a constructive manner. Acknowledging that behaviours serve as a form of communication, PBS focuses on interpreting these messages, especially when individuals face difficulties expressing themselves or understanding their responses to various situations.

In instances where individuals develop coping mechanisms that may lead to harmful behaviours, INSIGHT recognizes the importance of understanding and addressing these challenges. These behaviours, often termed as challenging or protest behaviours, can be socially intrusive or unacceptable, impacting individuals’ participation in social activities. In extreme cases, this may result in social disengagement or the inappropriate use of restraints or punishments.

At INSIGHT, our Positive Behaviour Support approach firmly rejects punitive or punishment-based strategies for managing challenging behaviours. We embrace a wholly positive methodology. The process begins with a detailed analysis of the behaviour to comprehend the individual’s communication intent. We then identify potential skill development and environmental strategies to help individuals express their needs, wants, and thoughts in socially acceptable ways.

Our commitment to a person-centered, trauma-informed framework means placing individuals at the heart of our practice. We collaborate closely with the individual, their significant others, and the support team to develop plans, training, and responses that cater to the unique needs of each client.

For any specific inquiries or to make a referral, please complete the INSIGHT referral form.

Resource Guide

Navigating the realm of behavioural analysis and management can be intricate, much like any specialised professional domain. Within this field, a unique language is employed to discuss and articulate various concepts and ideas. Understanding this terminology can be challenging, especially when delving into the study of positive behaviour support and its practical application in daily life.

To assist you in this learning journey, we’ve curated a list of valuable resources. These materials are designed to provide clarity and support as you explore the intricacies of positive behaviour support and familiarise yourself with the techniques applicable to your life.

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