Mental Health Nursing

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Mental Health Nursing Care

We provide physical and mental health assessment, treatment, counselling and assistance to improve daily living where it is impacted by your disability. This can occur provided sufficient time is available within your package.

Mental Health Nurses work with their patients and clients in many different capacities to manage their illnesses within the context of daily life, encouraging and assisting them to achieve their goals, managing their medication and caring for their wellbeing.

Mental Health Nursing is a specialised branch of nursing with a focus on the care of people with mental health illnesses, such as anxiety, depression, addictions, eating disorders, psychosis and crisis responses. We work collaboratively with a range of other health professionals including Medical Doctors and Psychologists.

Mental Health Nurses have a range of skills including:

  • Mental health promotion and screening 
  • Prevention 
  • Specialist counselling and psychotherapy 
  • Medication Management 
  • Direct nursing care 

(Source: Australian College of Mental Health Nurses)

A Clinical Mental Health Nurse is responsible and accountable for their own practice standards and activities they delegate to others. This involves consultation and liaison with other professional disciplines and non-governmental organisations. A Clinical Mental Health Nurse uses clinical knowledge, skills and experience in the application of direction, support, orientation and education to other staff and leads.

We can support you through engaging with service providers of your choice and ensure that services are specific to your needs and in line with your NDIS goals. 


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